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Shut up And Drive

This is an explorative project that I came up with to test the boundaries of not only what is capable when it comes to finding a location, but the fun that can be had within a client/photographer relationship


Posh Meke

This was actually a contracted job for this designer but still reigns as one of my favorite images. With very little space to work, we made this beautiful creation that now stands true as a marketing tool for this creative. Very proud of this one


The Revolution is Televised

This was originally inspired by SZA and her album art for CTRL. What started out as one thing, one concept, turned into something truly magical in the woods. The tv was wood grain, definitely an expensive piece for its time.


Laundry Bleus

Yes, that is typed correctly. Before changing her IG name, this model went by lil bleu. Though I do not believe in coincidences, this model wore all blue, not even realizing I had made connections to shoot in a blue laundromat. This again was to prove that anywhere is photogenic with the right concept


Ruth McCoy

This is another contracted job for one of my favorite models. This adds to her professional portfolio and the original image is full body


Grunge, but make it fashion

Located in a sketchy mall garage, this shoot was fun and allowed me to play with accent lighting concepts.  Another super awesome piece I created specifically for my portfolio


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